Cleanroom Communications

Reliable Communications System Designed for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms present unique challenges when it comes to communications in and out of the cleanroom.  Whether in a Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage or Healthcare facility communications with a cleanroom can be difficult due to restricted areas, sanitary regulations and strict technical requirements.  Clear and intelligible communications is essential to ensure the safety of employees, streamlines processes, increase efficiency and help save an organization time, money and resources.   

A true cleanroom intercom should be sterile and have no holes, cracks or crevices where microbes can collect.  It should be liquid tight and be durable to stand up to the harshest cleaning regime used in today’s cleanrooms.  Lastly, it should be easy to use even with the use of gloves and be capable of hands-free operation.  Standard office telephony equipment is not suitable for cleanrooms and personal cellphones are impractical. 


Industronic was started in Germany in 1964.  Now a global company specializing in communications they are headquartered I  Wertheim Germany with USA headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ.  Industronic is a world class provider of industrial communication systems that address the unique requirements in oil & gas facilities, Industrial plants and sanitary cleanrooms.

Industronic can help you design the complete communications system to support your needs.  They will help you choose the right control unit, amplifier, beacons, intercom station and speakers to meet your requirements.  Whether the use is for person-to-person communications, general notifications/broadcasts or Alarms the Industronic is flexible to accommodate your requirements

The Industronic Intercom system provides numerous features and benefits:

  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Stainless steel face plate with antimicrobial coating provides a sterile surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, virus, mold and mildlew
  • Field proven and durable to stand up to detergents and disinfectants used in cleanrooms
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • Hands-free operation
  • Oversized buttons that is easy to use even with the use of gloves
  • Onboard speaker or remote speakers for larger cleanrooms
  • Can integrate seamlessly into an organization’s IP based phone system

Click here to download the Cleanroom Intercom & Paging Overview Data Sheet

Click here to download the Cleanroom Intercom Data Sheet

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