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Proper hose storage is critical to maintain the life of hose assemblies. SPS CleanTech hose racks ensure efficient storage of unused hoses, help drain recently used hoses and extend the life of hose assemblies. Our hose racks help maintain a safe and clean working environment in your cleanroom. The correct storage is critical for the longevity of your hoses, hose assemblies and other coiled materials. Our hose rack provides the perfect solution for organizing and keeping your hose assemblies in good condition. It also reduces clutter in your space, helping you to maintain the strictest sanitary and safe cleanroom requirements. 

Our Hose Rack Features

When you hang up your hoses, our racks completely drain the contents. The compact design fits seamlessly into a cleanroom of any size and allows you to tuck your hoses out of the way. We typically offer wall mount solutions, but we can custom-make hose racks to mount on different areas, such as carts and railings. Options include:

Options include:

  • Wall-mounted or mobile using non-marking casters (swivel, locking)
  • Slotted designs for Tri-clamp storage
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel

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The intelligent design can accommodate various hose sizes and provide a storage place for other important elements, such as sanitary gaskets, clamps and adaptors, in one location. Hose assemblies are expensive and if damaged or lost, they can be problematic to replace. Safe storage gives you peace of mind knowing they are all in one place.

Our hose racks are made from 304L and 316L stainless steel, which has a clean, polished finish. It is a corrosion-resistant, noncontaminating material that prevents particle shedding and makes it difficult for dust to cling to it. We also have electropolished models with electrochemically passivated surfaces for the most critical working environments. The ISO-grade stainless steel can withstand the solvents, acids, alcohol-based cleaners and detergents you use in your cleaning regimen. 

We designed these hose racks to protect hoses from kinks, cuts and other damage. All the corners and edges are rounded and ground down for a smooth finish that provides a clean look. We welded every joint to ensure the high strength and durability necessary to withstand heavier weights. Our hose rack is easy to install and fits flush against the wall to minimize gaps and cracks in which dirt and dust particles can hide. You can hang up your hoses without worrying about deformations. 

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At SPS CleanTech, we know the importance of safely storing your hoses and hose attachments. Our stainless steel hose rack is designed with smooth edges to prevent hoses from becoming damaged with kinks and cuts. It also helps you keep your working environment clutter-free and prevent tripping hazards from loose hoses. We adhere to strict ISO cleanliness protocol requirements when creating our hose racks to help you maintain sanitation and safety in your cleanroom. You can also opt for an electropolish finish, increasing corrosion resistance and making cleaning easier.

Feel free to shop our range of products online. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can build you a custom hose rack with the dimensions of your hoses in mind. Learn more about our hose rack online and schedule your cleanroom consultation today!

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