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Durable and Impact-Resistant Cleanroom Walls

Today’s cGMP regulations demand that surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, and that cleanroom walls are durable, impervious to attack and impact resistant.

The traditional approach has been to use epoxy paint over drywall. Unfortunately, this can be problematic in addressing modern sanitary and durability issues, as epoxy-painted walls require constant maintenance and repairs.

Interior finishes, such as wall paneling, are under close scrutiny in sterile application areas. Regulations require that wall finishes must be smooth, non-porous, non-shedding, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals and staining. All cleanroom wall systems must be installed seamlessly to prevent cracks, gaps and fissures where contaminants can collect.

Frequent activities occur in a cleanroom setting, and operators regularly move carts and equipment around. A coated wall system can chip, flake or crack, causing costly shutdowns.

Hygienic Wall-Cladding Partners


Altro has been at the forefront of innovation for almost 100 years. Today, working closely with architects, end customers, engineers, designers and contractors around the world, Altro’s insight and expertise helps them transform everyday spaces into environments that can improve the well-being of everyone who uses them.


Takiron is an international company specializing in plastics and resin manufacturing since 1935. Takiron IVY-ONE wall panels are a pressed laminate cPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) panel, specifically manufactured for interior wall-cladding applications in cGMP production facilities where flame- and smoke-resistant, antimicrobial and durable materials are required.

Hygienic Wall-Cladding Solutions

Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock PVCu (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) panels have a smooth, durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface that helps users meet demanding regulatory requirements, maximize production time and ultimately increase the speed to market — with no surprises along the way.

The Altro Whiterock wall panel system meets ISO Class 2 and above cleanroom requirements, and it can be installed in even the most stringently controlled environments. Once installed, Altro Whiterock wall panels are heat-welded together using a color-matched vinyl weld rod. This process creates a smooth, seamless surface that ensures there is no place to harbor contaminants.

Because Altro Whiterock wall panels are thermoformed around internal and external corners on-site, they form an uninterrupted surface that’s resistant to impact and damage. There are no seams or need to add corner trims, which can form potential dirt traps that are difficult to access and clean.

Product features:

  • 2.5mm thick PVCu panels with high-impact resistivity – no denting or cracking on impact
  • Panels sizes include 4 feet x 8 feet or 4 feet x 10 feet
  • Class A fire and smoke rating
  • White color is standard but other colors are available
  • Won’t rot, rust or corrode, and is stain resistant
  • Low VOC emitting
  • Meets ISO Class 2 cleanroom requirements

For more information, click here to download the Altro Whiterock brochure.


Takiron IVY-ONE

Takiron IVY-ONE cPVC wall-cladding system provides users with the cleanest possible environment due to its high-density, non-porous construction, smooth surface finish and natural chemical resistance. The Takiron IVY-ONE system is made from IVY-ONE 573®, a thick durable material with tremendous impact resistance and durability. It won’t flake, chip or crack. Once the panels are heat-welded together, it becomes a seamless configuration. IVY-ONE is manufactured to withstand strong sporicidal cleaners as well as harsh chemical cleaning agents. It is even strong enough to handle high-pressure washing and direct steam.

One of the biggest advantages for using Takiron IVY-ONE is it’s one of the few wall panel systems that is FM 4882 approved. FM 4882 is the standard developed by FM Global for products used as interior cleanroom wall materials. The standard combines FM 4880 and ASTM E84 standards into one harmonized standard for pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries. FM 4882-approved panels are low-smoke emittance and will not allow self-propagation of a fire.

Click here to view the FM document that reviews the benefits of FM approval.

Click Here to view the FM Certification.

Product features:

  • 2mm thick cPVC panels with high-impact resistivity
  • Panels available in 4 feet x 8 feet sheets
  • FM 4882 approved
  • Available in white color
  • Won’t rot, rust or corrode, and is stain resistant
  • Low VOC emitting
  • Meets ISO Class 2 cleanroom requirements
  • Preformed corners and 3-way corner transitions eliminate the need to thermoform corners

For more detailed information, click here for the Takiron website.

For more information on Preformed Corners, click here to download drawing.

For more information, click here to download the Takiron brochure.

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