Pass Thru’s

Pass Through Contamination Protection

Eliminating cross-contamination in biomedical and pharmaceutical facilities is critical. SPS Cleantech works with several Partners to offer Pass Through systems that are designed to protect materials and product when being passed from one clean space to another and to minimize cross contamination and depressurization. 

SPS Cleantech offers simple passive Pass Throughs to highly engineered Pass Throughs with options such as:

  • Electromagnetic or mechanically interlocked door systems
  • Fire suppression capability
  • Pressurized environment
  • HEPA filtered
  • Wash down features with drainage that meet cGMP standards
  • Smart auto door utilizing an infrared adjustable sensor with wave technology
  • Programmable time delay options

Materials used can be heavy gauge 304 or 316 grade stainless steel or plastic with smooth surfaces to allow for proper cleaning and sanitizing.  We offer standard sizes as well as custom dimensions to fit existing infrastructure. Doors can be solid or framed glass doors. Shelving is available in adjustable height using solid or perforated material.  For liquids transfer, a Pass-Thru system is available. This system, using a stainless steel pass-through wall portal, permits the aseptic transfer of fluids between the walls offering complete isolation.

Whether it is material, rolling cart or personnel, SPS Cleantech has the Pass Through that will meet your need.

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