Cleanroom Furniture

Furniture & Accessories for Cleanrooms

Constructed for Quality, Reliability and an Ergonomic Design

Cleanroom furniture and accessories must endure harsh cleaning procedures that would break down most materials. SPS CleanTech offers unique solutions that allow its cleanroom furnishings to stand up to a rigorous cleaning schedule.

SPS CleanTech provides cleanroom furniture and accessories that deliver reliability and performance, along with ergonomic and stylish design.

For more information, click here to download the Application Note #3 on the pros and cons of 304 versus 316 Stainless Steel

SPS CleanTech products are:

  • Non-particulating
  • Non-accumulating
  • Non-flammable
  • Constructed for life-long durability
  • Ergonomically designed
  • User friendly
  • Easily installed and maintenance-free

Advantages of electropolishing over mechanical polishing include:

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Improved surface smoothness
  • Improved surface reflectivity, brightness and appearance
  • Hygienically clean surface (resistance to bacteria growth)
  • Easier cleaning
  • Fewer particles on surface – electropolishing is not a surface coating, and therefore poses no risk of surface distortion or peeling over time
  • Easier polishing and passivating of areas that are inaccessible to mechanical polishing

Products include:

  • Tables
  • Benches
  • Storage
  • Waste Receptacles 
  • Mirrors 
  • Mobile Carts 
  • Ladder and Step Stools
  • Shelving
  • Hose Racks
  • Sinks
  • Clocks 
  • Dispensers

Let us help you create the perfect cleanroom.

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