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Cleanroom Clothing & Shoe Racks

Our clothing racks provide the perfect solution for your cleanroom garment storage. You can neatly store your garments on the steel hangers that come with our racks. The open design keeps hangers at the same angle and spacing to ensure adequate airflow between garments, and the hanger capture mechanism helps keep clothing in place and prevents the theft of your materials. The design also ensures the hangers stay in position and stops them from swinging front to back and side to side. Options include:

  • Floor mount designs with adjustable shelving using solid metal or wire shelving
  • Wall-mounted design with fixed or hinged mounting 
  • 304 Stainless Steel, wire or chrome finish steel 
  • Wide variety of dimensions
  • Custom designs available

Clothing Racks for Cleanrooms

Clothing racks from SPS CleanTech feature one-sided and dual-sided designs that are easily accessible. This quality makes them ideal for high-traffic environments where you need to access garments quickly and easily. The racks provide a clean and convenient way to store and keep your cleanroom garments organized and accessible in your room.

We have a range of racks for different capacities, including 11 hangers, 15 hangers, 19 hangers and 23 hangers. You can also choose from different widths, which include 36-, 48-, 60- and 72-inch racks. Our clothing racks’ feet are adjustable and designed to dissipate a static charge. 

The clothing rack’s material can be 304L stainless steel, offering a noncontaminating surface that prevents particle shedding. The ISO-grade stainless steel can withstand the solvents, acids, alcohol-based cleaners and detergents you use in your cleaning regimen. 

Bootie Racks for Cleanrooms

If you’re looking for a system to keep your booties safely stored and organized, SPS CleanTech bootie racks come in various sizes with cubbies. Our stainless steel racks arrive with your choice of solid or perforated shelves. You can also choose an electropolished finish for demanding environments.

The openings in the perforated shelves allow for adequate laminar airflow and prevent the buildup of particles. The absence of fasteners inside the cubicles makes it easier for you to clean and wipe down. It’s safe to sterilize our racks with alcohol and other cleaning agents or steam clean. 

Our floor models are fitted with noncontaminating, nonslip nylon levelers to keep the bootie rack stable and maintain a sterile and safe environment in your cleanroom. We also have a wall-mounted range to help keep your floor clear. 

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At SPS CleanTech, we understand how important it is to keep your cleanroom garments organized and clean. Our clothing racks are ideal for storing lab coats, gowns and other garments. They provide ease of accessibility in busy environments and promote airflow. The bootie racks feature individual cubbies to keep your booties separate and help you maintain the integrity of an ultra-clean environment. Our stainless steel racks make it easy to clean your racks and prevent particle buildup. 

Shop our comprehensive range of bootie and clothing racks online. We can custom-make a rack to fit your cleanroom if you have specific requirements. To learn more, contact us today to speak to our team of experts! 

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