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Cleanroom Waste and Recycling Receptacles

As industry experts, we understand the importance of containing waste and maintaining a sterile environment in your cleanroom. SPS CleanTech waste and recycling receptacles ensure proper, safe storage and disposal of waste and recyclable materials.

Benefits of Our Cleanroom Solutions

At SPS CleanTech, we provide cleanroom waste bins, trash cans and recycling receptacles for various uses. Our waste and recycling receptacles come in many sizes and shapes, including oval, rectangular and round. They also feature foot pedals and open sensors that offer hands-free use, making disposal quick and easy, especially in high-traffic areas. The soft closing mechanism keeps our receptacles from producing a loud noise as they shut. 

Our waste and recycling receptacles are designed to minimize crevices where dirt and contaminants can hide, making daily cleaning easy. If you work with highly sensitive materials, you can count on SPS CleanTech’s puncture-resistant and leak-proof receptacles to protect your cleanroom from hazardous spills. 

Some additional benefits of our cleanroom waste and recycling products include:

Wide Selection of Options

We offer several options of rugged bins that are designed for clean space environments, including:

  • Open design or optional foot-operated lid with soft close to avoid hand operation
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel, PVC 
  • Fixed or mobile

We provide a range of receptacles for the handling of various materials, including:

  • Used cleaning materials
  • Protective equipment
  • Specific materials that you need to conduct your work
  • Byproducts of your work
  • Substances or used materials that you can’t recycle or that can’t be disposed of in a landfill

Safe Storage Before Transportation

Sometimes, you may need to store your waste before transporting it for disposal. We have a range of receptacles that allow for the safe storage of waste before transportation. Our products are non-particle shedding, so they protect your work from contamination. You can easily tuck your receptacle away so that it doesn’t interrupt your workflow before being transported for disposal or recycling.

Why Choose Our Waste and Recycling Solutions?

Choose SPS CleanTech for contaminant-free, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-sterilize, medical-grade and USP-compliant receptacles. Our products are made from 304 or 316 stainless steel with a plastic interior, which makes it easy for you to clean and enjoy a seamless finish. The stainless steel can withstand even the most aggressive cleaning agents. SPS CleanTech waste and recycling receptacles also comply with Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) standards for cleanliness and waste containment. 

Contact SPS CleanTech for Cleanroom Waste and Recycling Receptacles

SPS CleanTech waste and recycling solutions are made from a heavy-duty, stainless steel design. The smooth finish simplifies cleaning and makes for a seamless aesthetic. We also understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe working environment — our waste and recycling receptacles will help you build a sterile waste management system in your cleanroom.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can custom-build a solution for your waste management needs. To learn more about our stainless steel cleanroom waste and recycling receptacles, contact us today to speak to a cleanroom specialist.

Let us help you create the perfect cleanroom.

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