Cleanroom Wall Protection

Get Maximum Protection Against Wall Damage

Cleanrooms and corridors all face the constant risk of damage from mobile forces such as carts, furniture and foot traffic.  SPS CleanTech offers full line of Wall Bumpers, Corner Guards and Crash Rails manufactured locally in Pennsylvania. When installed at the appropriate heights (foot level or mid-wall) these Bumpers and Crash Rails provide the maximum protection against wall damage. Stainless steel
corner guards come in a variety of heights to help protect the corners.

  • A full range of protection is offered:
    • Material can be stainless steel, plastic or rubber
    • Geometry can be flat pieces/bars to tubular 
    • Flush mount or offset
    • Wall or floor mount
    • Multitude of colors and patterns 
    • Non-exposed fasteners 

Let us help you create the perfect cleanroom.

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