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Hydroflex is a leading provider and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. Established as a family-owned company, they have been working in the professional cleaning sector for four decades and in three generations. Hydroflex Cleanroom Hygiene was established in 2009, to focus on the complex requirements of the cleanroom market. With their specialized product solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection within the cleanroom, they regularly set industry benchmarks and allow cleanroom operators to ensure an optimal production hygiene worldwide. Under the renowned product brands PurMop® and PurWipe®, Hydroflex has developed certified mopping systems and wipes, which stand for highest efficiency, ergonomics and cleanroom suitability.

The PurMop® Cleaning System consists of three main components – Mops, Handles and Trolley.

  • Mops are available in two versions – disposable (single use) or reusable.  
    • The disposable mops allow a high effective and safe cleanroom cleaning. With every application the mop is new and fully functional. The single-use mops are made of high-quality materials, are extremely economical in usage and can be reused outside cleanrooms.
    • The reusable mops are the traditional version of cleanroom mops and are made for multiple use in cleanrooms with lower requirements. For a safe application, these reusable need to be decontaminated and professional prepared.

Handles & Frames are offered in several designs:

  • Handle material ranging from stainless steel to aluminum to plastic
  • Hands free mop attachment and removal make this system hygienic and easy to use
  • Light weight and excellent ergonomics
  • Telescopic aluminum handles which combine light weight with long-term autoclavability – ideal for the cleaning of walls and ceilings in sterile areas in Pharmaceutical market
  • Easy and mostly touchless handling, special clip-systems and full modularity, the PurMop® cleaning equipment establish standards in cleanroom cleaning.

Cleaning Trolley systems are compact and allow touchless operation.  Some of the features include:

  • A multitude of configurations using either stainless steel or plastic buckets.
  • Ability to provide premeasured cleaning solution which ensures no waste or excess liquid left on surfaces.  The unique ERGO mop wetting unit guarantees reproducible, disinfectant-saving liquid dosing in just one step and can be adapted to different fluid requirements thanks to various mop plates
  • The mop discarding mechanism ensures a touchless and safe discarding of used mops.  This special design allows the discarding of used mops on the back and therefore ensures a higher safety against cross-contamination.

The PurWipe® line of cleanroom wipes offer Users a high absorbency wipe with optimal economic efficiency and maximum cleanliness.  PurWipe offers many advantages:

  • Broad product range, different sizes, edges and materials available
  • Knitted and processed nonwovens
  • Triple packed, sterile and non-sterile
  • Produced and processed in cleanrooms, double decontaminated, extensively tested and documented
  • Presaturated options

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