Cleanroom Door Interlocking System

Sentry Interlock’s EZ Modlock product line is a door interlocking system designed specifically for today’s cleanroom and cGMP environments.  These systems are used to control the entry and exit of personnel and material in a secured area with multiple doors using predesigned logic scheme and fail safe electric locks.

Unique customer requirements and changing security protocols dictate the need for an interlocking system that provides the flexibility to make easy and quick changes and is maintenance free.  Oftentimes these systems are designed from scratch, assembled in a job shop and are difficult to install using cumbersome wiring schemes.  Then any changes to the interlocking scheme makes onsite changes difficult and time consuming

The EZ Modlock family of door interlocking products makes the design, implementation and modification of your door interlock system quick and easy.  Every system is predesigned and prepackaged using integrated modules that are installed complete.  Installation is easy with the use of plug & play cables and a minimum number of components to wire up.  Various interlocking logics are easily set in the field by simply adjusting the DIP switches inside each module.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Predesigned modules take the guesswork out of custom solutions
  • Prepackaged modules make installation quick and easy and the use of plug & play cables eliminate time consuming wiring
  • Flexibility to make onsite changes to door interlocking with minimal effort
  • Works with manually hinged or sliding doors or automated hinged, sliding or roll-up doors.  
  • Can control Material Air Locks, Personnel Air Locks, Gowning Rooms, Pass Boxes/Throughs, Air Showers
  • Compatible with most access control devices such as simple pushbuttons, wave sensors, card swipes, badge readers, numeric keypads etc.
  • Time delay option as well as ability to activate ventilation blowers or UV lamps to isolate areas to allow time to condition the contained air
  • Provides input to Building Management Systems or other external monitoring systems for centralized monitoring of door status
  • LED indicators on each module and optional Door Indicators provides visual door status
  • Optional Door Indicators have an audible alarm if the door is left open for more than 20 seconds, is forced open or in the event of a “simultaneous door opening”
  • Up to 10 doors can be interlocked on one system

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