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SPS CleanTech offers storage solutions that come in a low-containment and easy-to-clean design for cleanrooms. We provide a range of floor-standing cabinets with doors and drawers that feature height-adjustable feet and bespoke options to match your storage needs. Our solutions include custom fire storage cabinets, garment storage and personal protective equipment (PPE) dispensers. You can use our products for a range of applications in places such as laboratories, pharmaceutical factories and other facilities with cleanrooms. 

Some of the helpful storage products we offer include: 

Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

We have storage units designed to protect chemicals, utensils and process equipment from outside elements. These cabinets feature lockable doors, adjustable legs and the option of skirting. Our storage containers also come with adjustable internal shelving, which offers greater flexibility. In addition, we stock cabinets with glass doors that make it easy to view the contents. Our cleanroom cabinets have several options, including:

  • Single or double doors
  • Solid doors, doors with windows
  • Variety of adjustable shelving or drawers
  • 304 Stainless Steel, Powder coated Steel, PVC
  • Slope top or flat top
  • Casters or leveling feet
  • Depths range from 24” to 30”
  • Widths range from 30” to 52”
  • Heights range from 78” to 96”
  • Custom designs available

Cleanroom Garment Storage

SPS CleanTech’s storage offerings let you keep your PPE gear, lab coats and garments in a sterile environment while not in use. We also offer hampers to dispose of used garments. With these products, you can rest assured knowing that your cleanroom clothing is free from any kind of bacterial contamination, which is especially important for environments such as hospitals, laboratories and food operations. 

Our modern designs and custom-made cabinets are ideal for storing garments such as aprons, gowns, wipes and tools. All our garment storage cabinets are available in special sizes with unique features, so they can meet your unique requirements. Options include:

  • Open shelving or cubbies with doors
  • 304 Stainless Steel, Powder-coated Steel, PVC
  • Hamper comes in an open design or optional foot-operated lid with a soft close to avoid hand operation

Cleanroom Fire Storage Cabinets

Our fire storage cabinets are specifically designed for preserving fire extinguishers and hoses. These wall-mountable cabinets are easy to clean and have tight, smooth joints, allowing for a seamless finish that creates a ledge and crevice-free surfaces. The stainless steel construction makes this product safe and perfect for use in sterile environments that need to remain bacteria-free, while the heavy-duty design creates a stable environment for your fire accessories. The cabinets come with a glass door, making it easy to view the contents, and a lock for safekeeping. Our fire storage cabinet options include:

  • Fire cabinets with No 4 Stainless Steel Trim & Door
  • Recessed or surface mount
  • Solid door, clear acrylic door, safety glass door

Cleanroom PPE Dispensers 

When you need to maintain sterile and clean environments, our PPE dispensers can help you do that. These wall-mounted dispensers provide convenient access to items such as gloves, eyewear, masks, hair nets, and other apparel. Our intelligent design eliminates cracks and crevices, making it easy for you to clean and maintain sterilization. These products are also an easy solution for you to keep your PPE neatly organized and stored away. The gravity-fed operation makes our PPE dispensers the perfect option for high-traffic environments. Our dispenser options include:

  • 304 Stainless Steel, PVC
  • Variety of dimensions and openings to accommodate your preferred access

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Safe solutions that provide a quality finish and attractive aesthetic are essential for cleanrooms. Our products make it easier for you to maintain strict safety protocols and comply with bacteria and infection control standards. Storing your PPE in a visible solution also lets you easily track and monitor your supplies for each station. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can custom-build a solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our stainless steel cleanroom storage from a specialist. 

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