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Reduce Downtime and Maintenance With Advanced Technologies

Don’t let downtime threaten your production. We supply industry-leading cGMP cleanroom solutions that help lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime.

Why Build a Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are essential in industries where small particles can affect product quality, manufacturing or assembly. These spaces are common in the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, medical device, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Because cleanrooms are not frequently built or renovated, it is not uncommon for users to be unaware of the different solutions that could help maintain sterility while optimizing the operation. SPS CleanTech works with industry-leading manufacturers to assemble a product line to address the majority of cleanroom furnishings. We have done the homework to provide users with the best options to effectively outfit cleanrooms.

What You Need to Build the Perfect Cleanroom

At SPS CleanTech, we provide solutions that help users design and maintain cleanroom environments that withstand the rigors of cGMP manufacturing, lower cost of ownership over time, and exceed regulatory and safety standards.

Equipment for Cleanrooms

The conditions inside most cleanrooms can be harsh due to stringent requirements for sterility. The equipment used inside the room must withstand frequent cleaning and handling. Our broad portfolio of products provides users with equipment that is functional and stylish and helps maintain sterility. Examples of our cleanroom solutions include:
  • Wall cladding: For cleanrooms that require stick-build, we offer two lines of PVC wall cladding. Our wall systems provide protection against dents and scratches, help seal the room, and can withstand the harshest cleaning regimes.
  • Wall protection: For added protection against mobile devices, we offer wall bumpers, corner guards and crash rails in stainless steel material.
  • Doors: Our FRP cleanroom doors are lightweight and easy to clean. They can be fire-rated and last far longer than standard doors.
  • Door interlocking system: We offer a Sentry Interlocks system to control entry into classified spaces. This plug-and-play interlocking system can work with any lock and access control and door accessories.
  • Furniture: We work with over seven different suppliers to offer a broad range of furniture and accessories in stainless steel or PVC material.
  • Safety equipment: Key safety equipment includes fire extinguisher cabinets and emergency exit lights.
  • Pass-throughs: When material or fluids must pass from one clean space to another, our pass-throughs help minimize cross-contamination and depressurization.

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Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Cleanroom

SPS CleanTech is your trusted cleanroom solutions provider. We’ll work with you to create engineered solutions for your company’s specific operations. We connect with cleanroom equipment suppliers to provide the products and technologies required in the construction or renovation of cleanrooms.

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