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Meritech handwashing station in cleanroom

SPS CleanTech® offers both fully automated handwashing solutions as well as hand hygiene training systems.

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Fully Automated Handwashing Station from Meritech

Meritech handwashing station

Meritech is the inventor and sole manufacturer of CleanTech®®, the world’s only fully automated handwashing technology.  CleanTech® automated handwashing Stations eliminate the variability of human behavior as a cross-contamination risk and stops bioburden in its tracks.

  • CleanTech’s automated handwashing systems eliminate the risk associated with poor handwashing by removing the variability of human behavior and standardizing the hygiene process
  • Makes compliance monitoring documentation effortless
  • With over 50 clinical studies conducted, CleanTech® technology has proven to remove greater than 99.9% of pathogens with each wash
  • The enjoyable sensation of a CleanTech® hand wash coupled with its quick 12 second cycle time makes hand hygiene quick, easy and fun
  • CleanTech® is extremely energy efficient and uses up to 75% less water and produces up to 75% less waste than a traditional sink
  • Meets and exceeds SQF, GFIS, BRC, CDC, USDA, FSMA, ISO & FS209E standards and requirements

Meritech Solutions We Provide

CleanTech® ELF

CleanTech ELFThe CleanTech® ELF is best for lower volume traffic areas in dry, small spaces such as smaller cleanrooms.  Compact in both size and design, this system is the most cost-effective solution for your hygiene challenges.  It offers the advanced hand hygiene technology while maintaining an extremely small footprint for easy installation and minimal utility costs.  The ELF can be configured mount on the wall, countertop or within a stainless steel table mount.

  • Up to 5 users per minute
  • Smallest CleanTech® station
  • Wall, table and counter mounting option
  • Ideal for smaller cleanrooms

CleanTech® ELF-C

CleanTech<sup>®</sup> ELF-CDesigned for counter installation where space is limited, the CleanTech® ELF-C features a low profile top and can either be housed in a stainless steel CIP-friendly housing or be mounted directly into any counter surface.  The ELF-C can be customized with different cabinet options and a variety of materials to match your required décor and look.

  • Counter mount
  • Low profile stainless steel top
  • Option for CIP friendly cabinet
  • Great for most cleanrooms

CleanTech® 500C

The CleanTech® 500C Automated Handwashing Station is the most versatile system and can either be housed in a durable stainless steel cabinet or any custom cabinet design to reflect your unique brand or requirements.  Compact and easy to install, the 500C is a great option for the typical cleanroom.

  • Up to 5 users per minute
  • Wall mount or counter mount options
  • Low profile design
  • Smallest industrial grade station


CleanTech® 500EZ

The CleanTech® 500EZ is Meritech’s  most popular Automated Handwashing Station.  The 500EZ features a stainless steel, watertight cabinet designed for wall mount in high use areas and is ideal for the busiest cleanrooms.  Very durable and made to withstand frequent use in the most difficult environments.  Deep cylinders provide effective handwashing beyond wrists to forearms.

  • Deeper cylinders wash beyond wrists
  • Wall mount
  • CIP friendly watertight stainless steel body
  • Optional integrated air curtain dryer to remove excess water

CleanTech® 2000S

CleanTech<sup>®</sup> 2000SThe CleanTech® 2000S Automated Handwashing Station is ideal for the business cleanroom and pharmaceutical manufacturing environment where effective hand hygiene is critical.  This handwashing station includes a self-cleaning feature and is housed in a stainless steel, floor mounted housing that is extremely durable.

  • Up to 5 users per minute
  • Deeper cylinders wash beyond wrists
  • Durable CIP floor mount housing
  • Automatically runs self-cleaning cycle once a day
  • Optional integrated air curtain, simultaneous footwear sanitizing pans and/or controlled access turnstiles.


UltraPureThis unique antimicrobial hand hygiene solution is clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens and contains added skin conditioners, leaving skin feeling soft and healthy after each wash.

Below is a video that briefly describes the technology behind the CleanTech® product

Below is a video that briefly reviews the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations

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SureWash Hygiene Training System

SureWash is a hand hygiene training system that uses artificial intelligence to deliver competence-based hand hygiene training and infection control.  SureWash uses a patented gesture recognition application to teach people the World Health Organization (WHO) hand hygiene technique that meets globally approved standards.

  • A WHO analysis has shown that in a typical company there is, on average, only 38% compliance with hand hygiene guidelines and that staff overestimate their own knowledge and competence.
  • Numerous independent clinical studies that have taken place worldwide emphasize the key role hand hygiene plays in infection control and its financial impact on businesses.
  • Research indicates that up to 50% of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) are as a result of poor hand hygiene.
  • The WHO and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believe that there are an estimated quarter of a million deaths worldwide per year as a result of HAI and that nearly half of these deaths can be attributed to poor hand hygiene practices.

Therefore, what may appear to be a relatively simple skill is alarmingly lacking in compliance and leads to significant infections and deaths.  Using the SureWash system has been shown to increase hand hygiene compliance rates by as much as 50% and prevent the costly outbreaks that could lead to deaths.

Although SureWash started out in the healthcare setting, they have now expanded into the pharmaceutical market.  Hand hygiene has become prevalent in everyday life and with the COVID 19 pandemic SureWash can help pharmaceuticals deliver quality training to ensure employees know how to clean their hands correctly.  SureWash not only saves your organization time and money but can help reduce the spread of infections in your facility.

The SureWash training program is engaging and the system takes learning out of the classroom setting, into the day to day work environment. As a result, training is available 24/7 and instant feedback can be delivered to track user’s compliance in hand hygiene technique. By gamifying the learning process, it makes the learning process fun and engaging.  The repetition of learning is encouraged, and muscle memory is built.

When connected to WIFI all training data is uploaded to a cloud-based system (SureWash.Net) and is available from a desktop for administrators and regulatory bodies to track and assess users’ learning progress.  SureWash.Net supplies highly secure audited training records to help administrators assess the standard of knowledge in the organization and identify gaps in learning.

Below is a video explaing the SureWash reporting suite.

Explore sample reports from SureWash at SureWash Reporting

For an overview of the SureWash system, download the SureWash brochure

To request the complete SureWash.net User Guide please click here

Available SureWash Systems

1. SureWash GO

Weighing just 10 pounds the SureWash GO device is fully portable and comes with its own molded case with custom foam for ease of transport.  The SureWash GO uses a live video camera to measure the hand motions. In addition, it provides real-time feedback to support the user in a “Deliberate Practice” learning framework. As a result, this approach helps users learn the WHO 6-step technique and build muscle memory. Consequently, the SureWash system helps achieve compliance in hand hygiene, reducing the risk of infection and avoid an outbreak situation.

For more information click here to download the SureWash GO brochure

To request the SureWash Go User Guide please click here

2. SureWash APP

SureWash Hand Hygiene APP is the mobile app that is available through the Android and Apple stores.  It helps you to learn and memorize the WHO hand washing technique through short training sessions. It uses the phone camera to measure hand motions and provide real-time feedback to support the user in a “Deliberate Practice” learning framework. A study from Glasgow Caledonian University used the phone app to convey that short, daily hand hygiene practices helps achieve proficiency. In addition, learning results and analytics from your staff’s training will be available via your SureWash.Net account.

For more information click here to download the SureWash APP brochure

Click here to see how a local Healthcare facility successfully implemented SureWash for their employees, contractors and visitors.

SureWash can help improve hand hygiene compliance among employees to prevent costly outbreaks of infections.

Visit the SureWash website for more information

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