High-Performance Seamless Cleanroom Flooring

Designed to Meet Stringent FDA and USDA Requirements

Pharmaceutical production and research facilities have unique floor requirements, primarily driven by regulators such as the FDA and the USDA (among others). Identifying each facility’s own set of operating procedures and cleaning regime is paramount when selecting a suitable cleanroom flooring system in the respective area.

These physical properties include moisture mitigation, thermal shock, slip protection, and chemical and impact resistances. Dudick’s “Steri” line is specifically formulated to prevent dirt, chemicals and harmful liquids from penetrating these non-porous and resin-rich flooring systems. Because the floor system is seamless, no cracks or crevices exist to harbor pathogens and contaminants, allowing you to maintain a clean and sterile cleanroom environment.

Dudick: Our Cleanroom Flooring Partner

Dudick Inc., located in Northeast Ohio, is a world leader in high-performance coatings, floorings and tank linings. For over 48 years, Dudick has provided solutions in corrosion resistance and chemical containment systems for pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical processing and biological research labs. All products meet the stringent requirements of the FDA, USDA and NSF.

As the world leader in high-performance resinous flooring and special coatings for the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, Dudick offers a wide variety of systems for every area of your facility:

  • Aseptic packaging areas/cleanrooms
  • Chemical loading/unloading areas
  • Production floors
  • Secondary/chemical containment systems
  • Wall coatings
  • Waste treatment areas

These systems range from thin film coatings (used typically in hallways and production areas) to heavy duty ¼ inch overlays that can be used in heavy traffic areas and still provide both excellent stain and chemical resistance. Dudick takes great pride in each project by offering expert field tech service support to ensure proper installation and complete customer satisfaction.

All Dudick products are engineered and manufactured for the highest possible performance level. They pass the most rigorous tests for quality and long-term durability. If reliability and proven performance are needed, then Dudick has the solution.

For more information, click here to download the Dudick Data Sheet.

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